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Sewing machine stops prostitution

Sewing Machine - $95

One sewing machine can prevent a woman in India from resorting to prostitution to find an income.

When you give a sewing machine, you are not only empowering a poor woman to be self-sufficient, you are giving her the opportunity to earn a healthy and successful living as a seamstress.

Poverty plays a huge role in the sex trafficking industry.

According to the World Fact book, a staggering 680 million women in India over the age of 15 are illiterate and lack an education. Without formal training or a good education, finding quality jobs can be very challenging. Women are obligated by the financial needs at home to work as day laborers, beggars, or worse. In order to earn an income, if they are not married, women will often turn to prostitution. So tailoring schools are one way to help prevent the spread of that scourge.

In the rural parts of India, India Partners has five tailoring schools that train young women from poor working families in sewing and basic business practices. When they graduate, they are not only equipped with the knowledge and skills to start their own business, but they also receive a treadle sewing machine.

What difference can a $95 sewing machine make? If a woman is diligent in her work, she can earn 150 to 200 rupees a day in tailoring work from her home. This is enough to provide for her family!

Please give a gift of a sewing machine to a poor woman in India. You are not just giving her a better career; you are giving her a better life.

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