Provide a night of safety!

I want to help! How do I start?

You can remove a child from living in the dangerous red-light districts of Mumbai. They receive shelter, food, clothing, medical care, counseling and a quality education. You are not only keeping them safe but giving them a chance to pursue better lives.

You are saving these children from being trapped in a life of sexual slavery, where they experience abuse, drug addiction, and trauma.
Please consider making a gift to give them a better life.

For example:

$21.24 provides 3 DAYS of safety, rescue and care

$35.40 provides 5 DAYS of safety, rescue and care

$49.56 provides an entire WEEK of safety, rescue and care

$99.12 provides 2 WEEKS of safety, rescue and care

*$7.08 represents the average cost to help a child in Mumbai's red light districts
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