About Me
My name is Rehan S.. I'm a 13-year-old.

My birthday is
October 10, 2009.
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My Story

My mother iss from Punjab, and she married a Muslim. Because of their religions,  her family could not accept the relationship, and they were rejected by her parents. A few years later, my father abandoned her.  

Due to a lack of support and poverty, one of my mother's friends introduced her to working in the red-light area as a source of income. 

I was studying in a hostel, but due to COVID-19, my mother did not have a proper job and thus could not pay the school fees as well as the hostel fees, so I was removed and returned to my mother. I was staying with his mother in the red-light area, which is not safe for me.  Hence, my mother requested Sahaara field staff keep me in their boy's home. I was accepted into both the hostel and into the local school. I am happy staying in the boy's home. It is a safe place for me.