Vocational Training

Transform the life of a person with disabilities

You can empower people with disabilities to learn computer skills so they can get a job or start a business in India. Your gift of $100 will give a person with disabilities a chance to receive valuable computer training for one month. The education you provide will give them the opportunity to succeed in a career in the IT field, support their families, and create a strong sense of self-worth.

Provide Job Skills

The Need

In India, 21.9 million people are affected with a disability and 74% of them are unemployed. Most have never found gainful employment, even after graduating college. Much of this is due to a stigma in India that people with a disability cannot do any work. Therefore, they rarely gain the skills needed to be productive in the workplace. Many companies, across all sectors, are looking to hire computer-qualified graduates and are willing to hire people with disabilities.


Computer training gives people with disabilities the necessary skills to apply for quality jobs in the workforce. After course completion, the students take a Government Exam and graduate with a "Certificate in Computer Application." In addition, they learn resume writing and interview skills. As a result, most of our students are placed in jobs either before or after graduating from the year-long course. Hostel facilities are also available for up to 14 students who can't commute.

Long-Term Impact: How your gift will change lives

More than 300 people with disabilities have been trained for an IT career to date. Presently, we have capacity to train 30 people each year. Not only are the students' lives transformed but often times they become the highest earner in their families. They are able to provide a steady income that is a tremendous help and encouragement to their families. Today, you can help Indian youth with disabilities succeed in life and change their world.

Equip a person with disabilities for success:

Provide Job Skills