KCBI COVID-19 Emergency Food Relief
Your gifts will facilitate a Covid Food Relief program

You can keep children and families in India from starvation

Covid-19 has created a disaster of enormous magnitude for the poor in India. Earlier this year, India entered a second wave of the virus that, at its most severe, had the country reporting over 300,000 new cases daily for over a month.

The impact of this second wave is still being felt across the country. The poor in India are desperate for food, their survival is precarious. They're out of work, out of food and out of money. Worse, they have no hope.

UNICEF forecasts an increase in India's poverty rate for at least the next 12 months. With many areas in strict lockdowns and high job loss rates, children and families encounter a challenge just to put meals on the table.

Your gift will provide those with the greatest need enough help to survive for about 21 days. $45 will provide sufficient food, soap, sanitizer and masks for one family

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